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Death Note Doujinshi and Yaoi Games

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2009, 3:33 AM


Death Note Doujinshi and Yaoi Games</u>

All hella-toes club members may post links to Death Note doujinshi raws, scanlations, yaoi games, and places to buy doujinshi in this forum.

Yaoi and hard yaoi are accepted. :heart:

What is Doujinshi?

"Doujinshi are comics drawn by amateurs. Some feature original characters, but many are fan-comics. You can find doujinshi for just about every popular anime and manga series in existence, including Death Note."

Warning: Much of the following media is adult rated and for those 18+ only. Hella-toes is not responsible for those who view this media despite the given warning.


Sources for Death Note Doujinshi

:bulletyellow: SaveFile

This amazing collection of Death Note doujinshi is brought to you by metalgeergirl from LiveJournal.

:bulletyellow: Deathnote_djs

A great collection of Death Note doujinshi (and scanlations) is offered by this LiveJournal community. They update frequently. :heart:

Browsing Menu

(You'll need a LiveJournal account to view some doujinshi, but it's free and well worth it. :eyes:)

:bulletyellow: Chainedheart

Another LiveJournal community that also appears on "deathnote_djs." They translate a number of Death Note doujinshi.

:bulletyellow: Arigatomina

A well-known doujinshi translation site. Great selection of Death Note doujinshi. Mostly L-uke.

:bulletyellow: Dragonfly

Another respected doujinshi translation site. Great selection of Death Note doujinshi. :heart:


Sources for Death Note Yaoi Games:

Yaoi games are basically like fan fiction that have an illustration for each moment in the story. For some people they may seem annoying to read in this way, but once you get into the story, you grow accustomed to it quickly.

Translating and uploading yaoi games takes a LOT of work, so please support these websites. :heart:

:bulletyellow: Death Note: Bound Prince

This website is my absolute favorite scanlation website. They regularly translate and upload the famous Death Note yaoi game, Bound Prince (Kinbaku Ouji) by Orange Pekoe (Mitsumikan).

Absolutely gorgeous artwork, and a really dirty-dirty-hot story. :eyes:

Bound Prince Gallery

A gallery of all the images from the Bound Prince game can be found above. (Warning: Hard-core Yaoi)

Unless you don't mind the huge spoilers, I recommend not looking until after you read the game story.

White Angel Gallery

Although they're not translating this, the group that translates Bound Prince also exhibits some images from another yaoi game by Orange Pekoe called White Angel, which involves a lot of L-uke. (Warning: Hard-core Yaoi)

:bulletyellow: D.Nd : Poisoned

This is another yaoi doujinshi game for you Mello x Near fans out there.

[Note: The original was located here, but I have been told the site is down now. :( ]


Note: Unfortunately, some of the links to Death Note doujinshi that had been posted here by previous mods are no longer active. :(

However, if you are looking for what was posted, you can find that information here.